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Obtaining Your 9Health Fair Results

First, we would like to commend you for taking your health into your own hands and attending a 9Health Fair! The way you obtain results from your health screening(s) depends on whether you registered for the fair in advance by using our online registration tool, or if you signed up at the fair by completing the participant form. Details on how to obtain your results are outlined below. We recommend you share your results with your primary healthcare provider to ensure he/she is up-to-speed with your current state of health.

Results for Online Registration Participants

By taking advantage of our online registration tool, you’re able to obtain your results electronically in as little as one to two weeks after attending your 9Health Fair. All you have to do is log into your secure account with the username and password you created during registration, and all your results and personal information will be there. The “Login Help” link is there to help if you’ve forgotten either your username or password.

Results for Participants Who Registered at a Fair

If you registered for your 9Health Fair by physically filling out the participant registration form at the fair, you will receive your results by mail at the address you provided on the registration form. You can expect to receive your results within four weeks after attending the fair.

If you would like additional help understanding your results, feel free to visit your local King Soopers or City Market. Or, if you could use some assistance navigating the complex healthcare system, we encourage you to contact Inner City Health Center, where they can answer any questions you may have.

Have questions about your 9Health Fair results? Please refer to the following resources, as they help answer any questions you may have about your results:

Please do not hesitate to contact a Health and Wellness Department representative at (303) 698-4455 if you have any specific questions about your results.

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