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Funded by a grant from the Colorado Trust.

Many people go through their day to day lives without considering the various obstacles their community faces in terms of finding access to quality, affordable healthcare. Unless you or someone you care about has personally struggled with finding the health-related resources you need, it’s possible that this topic has never even crossed your mind.

As part of 9Health Fair’s mission to provide everyone throughout Colorado with the tools and systems they need to own their health, we’re happy to announce our partnership with the Colorado School of Public Health, which allows us to provide two free eLearning opportunities that will help you gain some insight into the many barriers our great state’s communities are facing.

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Course One: Improving Access to Health in Colorado focuses on topics such as:

  • The overall health of individuals throughout Colorado
  • Factors that affect our health
  • The importance of health screenings in finding disease and increasing the number of favorable health outcomes
  • The various ways you can help improve your neighbors’ access to quality healthcare

Course Two: Taking Action to Improve Health in Colorado delves into topics such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Diabetes
  • Hot Health Topics (Cholesterol, Hepatitis C, Celiac Disease, Obesity, Smoking, Cancer Screening and More)
  • Affordable Care Act
  • The various ways you can do more for your own health and the health of fellow members of your community

Don’t miss out on this free opportunity to learn more about Colorado residents’ state of health and access to healthcare. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (303) 698-4455 with any questions you may have along the way.