Host A Fair

Be a resource to your community.

Help Your Friends and Neighbors throughout Colorado Take Responsibility for Their Own Health

If you’re a Colorado resident who strives to make the world a better place and you’re interested in helping your friends, family and neighbors lead healthier and happier lives, we encourage you to consider hosting a 9Health Fair in your very own community.

Why should I consider hosting a 9Health Fair in my community?

By coordinating a 9Health Fair in your community, not only will you become a part of Colorado’s largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health fair and education program, but you will have a chance to benefit the lives of those in your community by presenting them with an opportunity to take responsibility for their own health through the array of low-cost health awareness and educational screenings offered at the fair.

Additional Benefits of Hosting a 9Health Fair Include:

  • Help save lives and help people live
  • Take the lead in building a stronger community
  • Provide others with an opportunity to volunteer and help make a difference
  • Empower those you care about to become more aware of, and responsible for, their health
  • Join a local, long-standing cause that benefits more than 100,000 lives in Colorado annually

Want more information about hosting a 9Health Fair?
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